by veritree
First Edition ITO

Cardano Forest 0% Funded

0 Trees
of 1,000,000 Goal
  • 1 Ada
  • 1 Tree Token
  • 1 Tree Planted

How it works

  1. Donate

    Donate 15 ada or more to receive limited edition tree tokens.

  2. Plant

    1 tree will be planted on your behalf with veritree for each ada exchanged.

  3. Redeem

    Your tree tokens can be used for limited edition trees and NFT digital art on redemption days in 2022.

Redemption Tiers

Redemption Tiers for NFTrees

One ada equals one tree token and one tree planted.

There are nine donation tiers which grant you collectables and/or benefits. Starting at 15 ada and going up to one million ada. There is no limit on how many times you want to donate. The more you donate the more you can add to your NFTree collection.

To get started review the tier options below and click Donate ada and select the tier or tiers of your choice.

Today’s Rewards Rewards on Redemption Days in 2022
Tiers veritree Token Badge Digital Certificate NFT NFTree Art Bonus Perks
Planter 15 ada
Starter 100 ada
Greener 500 ada Common
Pounder 1,000 ada Uncommon Name on tree section
Rare 5,000 ada Rare Name on the map
Super 10,000 ada Super Rare Name on the map
Ultra 50,000 ada Ultra Rare Name on the map
Highballer 100,000 ada Globally Unique Name on the map

*All donations under 15 ada will be accepted as a general donation to support the Cardano Forest without veritree tokens or other benefits.

About the NFTree artists

  • Artist Location: Germany
    CNFT artist since 2021

    Creator of Stellar Hood

    First fully onchain (no ipfs) interactive NFTs on Cardano Blockchain. A project focused on discovering and studying the stars and planets in our galaxy, our Stellar Hood, as 3D interactive NFTs which are coded directly onto the Cardano blockchain.

    Egon developed the technique of storing the entire NFT onchain which was first used for his project Stellar Hood.

  • Artist Location: Argentina
    CNFT artist since 2021

    Creator of CardanoTrees NFT

    First fully onchain (no ipfs) evolutive art trees living and growing in Cardano. Each CardanoTree NFT has a GPS coordinate that allows them to determine the day/night cycles, flowers and fruits seasons and weather conditions.


Tree Token Distribution

Planting Project Fees






Token Redemption Roadmap

  • Cardano Summit 2021. Planting Donations accepted. September 25, 2021
  • Establish a dedicated Cardano partnership network and community hub. Enhance the ITO website to provide updates on the Cardano Forest Initiatives. Early planting sites announced. Q4 2021
  • Begin planting sessions. Incoming ground data reported to veritree for Cardano Forest. First round of NFT art claimed by Tree Token holders. Q1 2022
  • Planting sessions continue, 1st round survivability reports submitted to veritree. Second round of NFT art claimed with incoming planting sessions. Q2 2022
  • New planting site opportunities launched on veritree/Cardano. Planting sessions continue. Third round of NFT art released. 6-month Survivability reports submitted to Veritree. Q3 2022
  • Final planting sessions of 2022 are submitted for veritree review. Final NFT art release of 2022. Q4 2022

What is veritree?

Enabling the world’s best restoration projects through technology.

A man holding a cellphone for taking a picture and 3 women behind him


The world's first on-the-ground monitoring technology for the highest quality restoration projects, veritree captures real time information directly from planters.

A tree storage area with trees in the background


Built using blockchain technology, veritree validates information from planting sites, tokenizes trees to ensure no double counting, and leaves a permanent record.

A woman planting a tree


Connecting consumers directly to trees, veritree is the only fully integrated platform that allows consumers to see and track their trees as they grow.

  • Additionality
  • No Double Counting
  • Permanence
  • Transparency

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be planting the trees? What species? And where/when?

When will the NFT Art be available to claim?

Why is Cardano partnering with veritree?

How do I know my trees are actually my trees?

What happens when the First Edition forest sells out? Will there be others?